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BYTECOM is a consultancy service company focusing on software development and communication.

Software development activities can cover the complete life cycle of an application, from requirement gathering to testing and deployment. Domain of activities are mainly embedded software written in C++, user interfaces design and implementation.

When it comes to communication, BYTECOM offers videography and video editing services.

BYTECOM also offers assistance services to support computer users, maintain computer infrastructure, training and coaching of developers and users, technical documentation writing and reviewing.


BYTECOM was founded in 1985 by Luc Smeesters. Initially, the company was distributor for several brands of VME boards (used to build industrial computers) and microcontroller development tools (In-Circuit Emulators from Iwasaki, compilers from iAR Systems, EPROM programmers from Ertec).

In the 90's, industrial PC boards from Axiom and Advantec were added to the portfolio to compensate the decline in the VME boards. In-circuit emulators from Hitex replaced the original offer from Iwasaki.

With the rise of the 8051 microcontrollers (and later 80251), a new range of development tools from Keil joined the offering of BYTECOM (compilers, debuggers, simulators and later probes).

In the same period, came the palmtops (ancestors of our smartphones), from Psion and HP has lead BYTECOM to the distribution of those equipments, accessories and software.

In the mid 90's, BYTECOM created the Linalyzer, a mains power quality monitoring device. The device was made to analyze and record the quality of the power supply, detecting voltage surges, micro-interruptions and other defaults which could affect the correct functionning of computers. The logged information could then be retrieved and analyzed on a PC. An application has been developed to use an HP palmtop as a companion to the Linalyzer forming a perfect mobile analysis tool.

In 2013, our founder, Luc Smeesters died. The company is now managed by his son, Olivier Smeesters, who is an embedded C++ software engineer with experience in wide range of domains. Following the decision from ARM/Keil to stop the collaboration with BYTECOM, the company has reoriented itself into a service company for SME's and individuals.